"On Saturday, March 19, 2005, 14 Yukon Youth between the ages of 15-24 came together at the Wood St. Annex in Whitehorse, from 9am to 9pm. The purpose of the day was to write songs about how tobacco and smoking affect their lives. Some of the participants had no experience with songwriting, and some had never sung in front of an audience. By the end of the day, the group had written and rehearsed 8 songs, and did a public concert to over 40 parents and friends, complete with professional sound and lights. For the most part, participants backed each other up on guitars, piano, sound loops, and vocals. Late in the afternoon, a professional bass player and two drummers arrived to help round out the bands. The rehearsals and the final concert were recorded, and the result is this CD." ***

Breathe In Breathe Out (4.3 MB)
By Jana H., Jodie M., Johnn R., and Charles H.

Perfect (3.2 MB)
By Jana H., Jodie M., Nicole E., and Johnny R. with Eric I.

Gus (3.8 MB)
By Geneviève S.-M., Shea H., and Barbara C. with Eric I.

He Can’t Run (2.8 MB)
By Shea H. with Geneviève S.-M., Barbara C. and Eric I.

Self-Inflicted Suicide (1.3 MB)
By Jeremiah K. with Brendan O.

Addiction (4.6 MB)
By Jade L.

Cigarettes (2.8 MB)
By Selina M. with Jeremiah K. and Brendan O.

NaNaNa (2.7 MB)
By Brendan O. with Jeremiah K.

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