A root is the basic element of a word, and it is the foundation on which the meaning of a word is built. Dummies.com

  Roots Meaning Word
  alter other alternate, alter ego
  ami, amic- love amiable, amicable
  ann, enni year anniversary, annual, biennial, perennial
  aqua, aque water aquatic, aquarium, aqueduct
  arch chief, leader, ruler archangel, monarch, archaic, archenemy
  aud sound auditorium, audible, audiologist, audiotape
  biblio book bibliography, bibliophile
  bio- life biography, autobiography, biology, antibiotic
  brev short brief, abbreviate
  cap take, seize capture, captivate, capacity
  ced yield, go recede, secede, proceed, intercede, concession
  chrom- color chromatic, monochrome, polychrome
  chron- time chronicle, chronology, chronometer, synchronize
  cogn know recognize, cognitive, incognito
  crac, crat rule, ruler autocrat, democracy, bureaucrat, democracy
  cred believe credible, credulous, credibility, credit, credo
  crypt hidden cryptogram, cryptology, cryptic
  culp guilt culpable, culprit
  dei god deity, deify
  demo- people demography, democracy, epidemic
  dic speak, say dictate, predict, diction, indict
  dox belief, opinion orthodoxy, paradox, heterodoxy
  duc, duct lead induce, deduce, conduct, abduct
  duo two duo
  dynam- power dynamo, hydrodynamics
  equ equal equal, equity, equanimity, equate, equidistant
  frater brother fraternal, fraternize
  geo- earth geopolitical, geology, geography, geothermal
  grad, gress step gradual, progression, transgression
  graph- writing, printing graphology, biography, telegraph, geography
  holo whole, entire holograph
  hydro, hydr water dehydrate, hydraulics, hydroelectric, hydroplane
  iso equal, identical isolate
  ject throw inject, reject, subject, projection
  jud judge judicial, judge, adjudicate
  leg, lect read, choose legible, lectern, lecturer, election
  liter letter literature, illiterate, literal
  loc place local, location
  log word monologue, epilogue
  luc light lucid, elucidate
  magn large magnify, magnate, magnificent
  mar sea marine, mariner
  mater mother maternal, maternity, matriarchy
  metri, meter- measure geometric, thermometer, odometer
  min small minority, minuscule, minute
  mit, miss send permit, submission, mission, emit,
  mob, mot, mov move mobile, automobile, motion, promote, movie
  morph form, structure metamorphosis, amorphous, morphology
  mut change mutant, mutability, mutate
  nomen /nomin name nominal, nominate, nomenclature
  nov new novel, renovate, innovation, novella
  nym, onym word, name synonym, acronym, anonymous, pseudonym
  pac peace pacify, Pacific Ocean, pacifist
  pater father paternal, paternity, patrilineal, patriotic
  ped, pod foot pedal, pedometer, centipede, gastropod
  pel, puls push pulsate, repulsive, impulse, compel, propel
  pend hang, weigh pendulum, pendant, suspend, pending
  phon-, phono- sound, voice telephone, euphony, cacophony, phonograph
  plan flat planar, plantation, plane
  port carry portable, transport, portage, report
  pot power potent, omnipotent, potentate
  quer, quis ask query, inquisition
  scent, scend climb ascend, ascent
  sci know scientific
  scrib, script write manuscript, scribe, proscribe, scripture
  sens, sent feel, be aware sensible, sentient
  sequ, secu follow sequence, sequel, consecutive
  simil same similar, assimilate, simile, facsimile (fax)
  son sound sonar, resonate, unison
  soph wisdom, knowledge philosophy, sophisticated
  spond, spons promise, answer for respond, responsible
  tang, tact touch tactile, tangible
  temp time temporary, temporize
  ten, tent hold tentative, tenable, tenuous
  terr earth subterranean, terrain, terrestrial
  therm- heat thermal, thermos, thermometer
  vac empty vacation, vacuum, vacuous, vacant
  ver truth veracity, verify, verity
  vit life vital, revitalize, vitamin
  voc call revoke, invocation, vocal, evocative, convocation
  zoo animal zoo, zoology, zoolatry Common Root Words & Root Origins

A prefix is a letter or group of letters attached to the beginning of a word that changes the word's meaning. Dummies.com

A suffix is a letter or group of letters attached to the end of a word that changes the word's meaning. Dummies.com

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