advisory diurnal moisture seasonal
altitude drought monsoon severe
apogee earthquake nadir stability
atmosphere eclipse nautical stationary
Aurora Borealis elevation observation stratosphere
barometer environment oceanography sublimation
biosphere equinox opaque syzygy
blizzard evaporation overcast temperature
circulation forecast ozone tornado
Cirriform gravity perigee translucent
Cirrus horizon photosphere transparent
climate humidity pollutant tropical
coalescence hurricane precipitation trough
condensation hydrosphere pressure tsunami
corona hypothermia prevailing turbulence
Cumulus intermittent quantitative twilight
ceiling instability radiation typhoon
celsius iridescent rainbow ultraviolet
condensation isobar reflection universal
conduction kilopascal refraction vaporization
continent latitude resolution variable
convection lightning rotation velocity
crystallization lithosphere salinity vernal
current longitude satellite vertical
cyclone maximum saturate visibility
degree minimum scattered vortex


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