In 1990 a number of organizations joined together to meld the Young Authors’ Conference and the National Book Festival into a more far-reaching Yukon Writers' Festival.

For the goals of the Yukon Writers' Festival go here.

The early Yukon Writers’ Festival included organizers from the Nakai Theatre Ensemble, the Yukon Writers Circle, the Yukon Arts Branch, the Association Franco-Yukonais, the Yukon International Story Telling Festival, the Public Library and the Department of Education. Mac’s Fireweed has also worked with this event since its inception.

The Yukon Writers’ Festival included a diverse range of events:
the Young Authors’ Conference
Nakai ’s 24 Hour Playwriting Competition,
noon Hour Readings by the visiting authors
‘open mikes’ for those brave enough to read their own material
Wednesday evening public reading by the visiting authors
The Function at the Junction
the Poetry Slam
launch in 2001 of the Yukon's literary magazine

This year’s Yukon Writers’ Festival has been organized by the Public Library coordinated by Mairi Macrae; Yukon Science Institute coordinated by Lori Schroeder; the Junction Arts and Music (JAM) coordinated by Yolande Cherepak and the Public Schools Branch coordinated by Joyce Sward.