Curriculum Resource Materials

NorthWind Books Working Group

Appointed by YFNEAC, this group is comprised of classroom teachers, reading recovery specialists, an Elder and a representative of CYFN. Technical support is provided by the Public Schools Primary Coordinator and the FNPP Cultural Consultant.

Committee Members & Affiliations

Elder Pearl Keenan Teslin Tlingit Council
Rosemary Popadynec Teacher, J.V. Clark School
Patti Tetlichi Reading Recovery®, Chief Zzeh Gittlit School
Fran Etzel Teacher/Vice-Principal, Ross River School
Diana Knopp Teacher, Elijah Smith Elementary School
Aileen McCorkell Reading level advisor, Department of Education
Jeanette McCrie Editing and production, Coordinator of Primary Programs
Sharon Shadow Editing and production, Cultural Inclusion Consultant

New Teachers Orienation, Skookies Camp, Carcross, Yukon