First Nations Programs & Partnerships

Culturally Inclusive Education
Educators—teachers, principals, education assistants, counselors, etc—are responsible for creating a safe and supportive learning environment that strengthens cultural and intellectual well-being among students in their community.


Yukon First Nation Resource People

Make effective use of local expertise, especially Elders, as co-teachers whenever local cultural knowledge is being addressed in the curriculum. Elders are highly revered and respected people; they are community mentors who provide invaluable support and guidance. In First Nations cultures, Elders play an essential role in educating children. They pass on traditional teachings and values through their stories, and serve as role models to all community members. Their value to the community cannot be overemphasized. "The wisdom of the Elders is central to cultural understanding according to the Aboriginal perspective. 'Elders are the Keepers of the Knowledge."

Database of Yukon First Nation Artists & Resource People

Developed in partnership with the Yukon First Nation Tourism Association, the database connects classroom teachers with First Nation people who have special skills and knowledge that they can share with students in the classsroom or on the land.

The resource is presently in development . Watch for the premier in the coming months!

Photo © Yukon Government