First Nations Programs & Partnerships

Partners in Education
FNPP supports and encourages partnerships with individual First Nations governments & with the Council of Yukon First Nations with the goal of building productive relationships & enhancing First Nations perspectives in Yukon Schools.


First Nation Curriculum & Student Integration Support

The First Nation Curriculum & Student Integration Support Teacher is based at the LIC (Individual Learning Centre) in Whitehorse. The Support teacher is an important resource person available to all schools in the Yukon. With knowledge of Yukon First Nations' history, culture, values and world views, the Support Teacher provides a positive and collaborative service realted to inclusive and experiential education.

Contact Information

Support Teacher Pat Joe
Address 407 Black Street
Whitehorse, Yukon
Y1A 2N2
Phone (867) 667-8288
Fax (867) 393-6929


Tlingit Potlatch © Daniel Fox, The Wild Image Project