First Nations Programs & Partnerships

Culturally Inclusive Education
Educators—teachers, principals, education assistants, counselors, etc—are responsible for creating a safe and supportive learning environment that strengthens cultural and intellectual well-being among students in their community.



Cultural orientation protocols support resource people working in YUkon First Nation communities.

The Yukon First Nations Protocol Toolkit provides Yukon wide and community specific history, protocols and suggestions for further learning. You can access the toolkit by contacting Council of Yukon First Nations.

Ways of Knowing

  • Understand that the school system and classroom may represent a negative experience from residential school days for many First Nations people. You should do everything possible to take care of any community members you invite into your classroom, and help them to feel as welcomes and safe as possible. In some cases, certain Elders might not be emotionally ready to enter the school because of experiences within public and residential schools.
  • Be aware and considerate of the community's schedule and demands on peoples' time. Sometimes events can lead to unexpected delays or cancellations. Be patient and respectful if this occurs.
  • Priotocols are ways of knowing how to behave appropriately and respectfully, and with them comes a great deal of responsibility.
  • Stories, songs, dances, and objects belong to a specific First Nation or clan.
  • Be aware that some types of traditional knowledge are private; therefore, it is inappropriate to share these protocols publicly or speak of them.
  • When in doubt or lacking in knowledge, seek advice from Elders and traditional teachers prior to engaging in or implementing activities or events.
  • Understand that, as a teacher, you too are part of the community.
  • Community members undestand that you may not be fully aware of their culture and will unknowinly make mistakes. However, any efforts you make to be respectful and top learn the culture wiil go a long way toward making yourself more at home in the community. It will take time to learn about the community and build relationships. When people recognize that you are open, sincere and respectful, they will value your interest and effort.