ITSS Help Desk

Apple Computer Service Maintanance

ITSS is an Apple Certified Self Service Organization and repairs all Apple hardware in house (warranty and non-warranty). Service parts are directly ordered from Apple.

Apple Warranty Repairs

Apple computers are repaired under the Apple warranty procedure and/or AppleCare Protection Plan.

Apple Non-Warranty Repairs

ITSS uses the Apple Obsolete/Vintage Equipment list for Canada as the basic guideline for what equipment can be fixed. Apple does not provide hardware service or parts for obsolete and vintage equipment and ITSS cannot order parts for these products. An inventory of salvaged parts from non-repairable computers is kept and used for repairing non-warranty, obsolete & vintage computers for which parts cannot be had.

Older Power Mac Computers: are now obsolete

  • A computer will be repaired if replacement components are available (in house) for it.
  • Non-repairable computers are salvaged for parts and these parts are used for repair.
  • Hard drives are loaded with the appropriate OS 8. 6 or 9.2 image after HD repair.

iMac, iBooks, eMac, G3 and G4 PowerMacs, G3 and G4 Power Books

  • All warranty computers are repaired under the Apple warranty procedure.
  • Non-warranty computers will not be repaired if the damaged component's replacement cost exceeds 60% of computer replacement value.
  • Non-repairable computers are salvaged for parts used for repair.
  • Hard drives are loaded with the appropriate OS 9.2 or 10.x.x image after HD repair.


  • Larger network LaserWriter printers typically found in labs and offices (eg. HP 4050, 2100 etc) will be repaired if broken.
  • Smaller standalone colour ink jet printers are considered disposable (will not be repaired) and are the responsibility of the school.

Note: Troubleshooting assistance is available for all printers regarding installation of software, network or connectivity problems.

General Notes

  • USB keyboards and mice are exchanged under warranty if applicable, if not they are replaced with the appropriate Apple or equivalent 3rd party products.

Information Technology Support Services

ITSS supports and maintains the department's hardware, software, and network infrastructure; 2,000 desktop computers, 350 printers, 35 network server, and a Yukon wide private IP network connecting 30 sites to the Internet. ITSS supports two OS platforms, Macintosh and Windows on two different domains - YNeT and YESnet.