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Extended Outlook Storage

Under the Corporate Technology Architecture, Exchange / Outlook has been designated as the Electronic Mail standard for YG. Included in this standard is a 10MB space restriction for managing incoming messages. This represents a corporate service that is free of charge to YG Outlook users.

An extended level of storage is under consideration in an effort to respond to client requests for increased capacity to manage incoming messages. This service is managed through a Service Agreement. The spirit of such an agreement is to recognize that client requirements can vary and that one size does not necessarily fit all. Also, responding to client's special needs must be managed effectively by ICT and it is reasonable to expect that the extra costs will be borne by the users of the extended services.

Training for Outlook is scheduled on a regular basis through PSC, and ICT can provide recommendations for "Inbox" storage management. The costs for extending the storage limit of an Exchange user account are:

Service Capacity Cost

Exchange Server Standard Storage: 20MB No Cost
Exchange Server Additional Storage: 50MB $50.00 / Year
Exchange Server Extended Storage: 100MB $100.00 / Year

Extending the storage will be granted upon authorization of a Service Agreement and Journal Voucher for the annual fee. If the Service agreement is entered into during the second half of the fiscal year the fee will be reduced 50 percent. Renewal and payment follows existing ICT practices.

Rationale for this cost of service is as follows:

1) A large capital cost is incurred when the existing disk capacity is reached due to the nature of hardware upgrades. The average incremental cost of hardware is approximately $25.00 for 100MB.
2) On a monthly basis the equipment is subjected to reliability and efficiency maintenance. This is performed on weekends, hence overtime. The cost incurred is equal to one hour of overtime per month for every ten Extended Service Clients.
3) While incremental additional time and resources for standard system maintenance are required with growth, managing a non-standard service requires special considerations. Additional support effort is needed to track technical exceptions to the standard service as well as the administrative effort to ensure effective account and cost management. The real cost for such effort cannot be accurately determined.


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