ITSS Help Desk

ITSS Service Priorities

We want to solve your computer problem as quickly as possible. However, we have a large and complex system to support. We will deal with problems according to the priority list below:

1. School servers, YESnet network and mail server
2. YNet Gates server - Department of Education
3. Support for TAL training and workshops
4. Support for ITSS visits in rural schools
5. High school computer labs and classroom equipment
6. Administrative computers, in the following order of priority:
a. High school office equipment including Teen Parent Center
b. Elementary school office equipment
c. Education building /Rural Director of Learning office
7. Elementary school computer labs
8. School libraries in following order of priority:
a. High Schools
b. Elementary Schools
9. Elementary school classroom equipment
10. Misc. Education Locations: Young Offenders Facility, Riverfront, Student Residence
11. Other Government units. Apple HW support to other YTG departments.

*Note: Service request for standard hardware and software are handled prior to non-standard or obsolete product problems.


Information Technology Support Services

ITSS supports and maintains the department's hardware, software, and network infrastructure; 2,000 desktop computers, 350 printers, 35 network server, and a Yukon wide private IP network connecting 30 sites to the Internet. ITSS supports two OS platforms, Macintosh and Windows on two different domains - YNeT and YESnet.