Porter Creek Secondary School- Student Accounts of Remote Yukon Wilderness


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Schedule of Trips


Feb. 29, March 1 White Pass Avalanche Awareness Course

Feb. 29 Establish Web Site and begin recording journal entries.

Apr. 6-10 Skijoring trip into Lindeman Lake area, at the Skagway summit.

May 29,30,31 June 1,2,3 Teslin River Canoe Experience from Johnson Crossing to Little Salmon Village.


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Updated June 8/2000.



Students will research and travel parts of access corridors to the Yukon used by First Nations and early explorers of the Yukon. Students will record their experiences on an Internet journal along with historical accounts of the area by recording journals and through First Nation Elder interpretation.

The site, complete with a map of the Yukon and the journal accounts of the students (along with historical journal entries from early explorers) can be added onto each year. Different students will be able to add information about different areas each year.

Classes that link into our site will have student responses to their inquiries.



Skill - Students will map access corridors into the Yukon.

Skill - Students will maintain a journal on website and respond to outside inquiries.

Affective - Students will relate past explorers journal accounts to the actual experience they are having.

Experiential - Students will participate in positive healthy active lifestyle experiences in the Yukon Outdoors.

Experiential - Students will be using info-technology to communicate their experiences with other students in various parts of the country.


Curriculum outcomes as per B.C. IRP:


Classes and other educators will be able to log on to our site during our trips and get daily accounts of our wilderness experiences and follow our progress on a map. Classes and other educators will be able to interact with us while we are on our trips and at our school base.


To register to be virtual traveler in the remote Yukon wilderness email us!