Yukon Bears
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Grizzly Bear
By Aaron

What is fuzzy that eats meat and can kill?


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Grizzly bears live in the wilderness away from people. They can be found in Canada, Mexico, Alaska, and United States. The Grizzly can be found in the Yukon.


Grizzlies are large mammals. The Grizzly is l m from shoulder to the ground. Grizzlies can weigh 14-680 kg. Grizzlies are yellowish-brown and have white tips on top of their fur. They are also dark brown to almost blonde. Grizzly bears are also called Brown bears. It lives up to 20 years. It takes 7-10 years to become an adult.


The female has 1-4 babies in the winter. They're the size of a rat when they are born. The babies are blind when they are born. They drink milk from their mother . Grizzly bear cubs also stay close to their mothers. They swim when they are born.


The Grizzly will eat seaweed and honey. It also eat green plants like leaves and berries and insects too. This bear will also eat roots. They also eat mice and squirrels. They will eat big horn sheep and mountain sheep. This bear will eat moose elk and caribou. Grizzlies will eat salmon and deer.


The Grizzly is predators to wolf packs and people and other bears.

Other Facts

Baby bears have brown eyes. Their mother will swat them with her paw if the cubs don't obey. Baby cubs like to slide and play rough with each other.