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Grizzly Bear
By Daniel

What is big and hairy and eats fish?

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Grizzly Bears live in the wilderness. They also live in the west United States and wild spaces. Grizzlies live in dens in the winter for about seven months.


Grizzly bears are large mammals. Grizzly bears are also called brown bears. This bear's colour ranges from a dark rich brown, to a yellowish, brown, to black. A grizzly has white tips on the end of its fur It can measure one metre from it's shoulder to the ground. When stands on it's hind legs, it can be 2-7 cm tall. It weighs 147 kg. It takes 7-10 years to be an adult. This bear can live up to 20 years.


Bears have about four cubs in the winter. When the cubs are born, they are blind and they are the size of a rat. The females have they're cubs every 2-5 years. They drink milk from they're mother. Their colour is black, to light brown, and silverish. They can swim when they are very young.


Grizzly bear's eat roots, grubs, vegetables, plants, berries, insects, baby deer, and fish, they eat rodents, rabbits, moose,  sheep, elk, and squirrels.


Grizzly bears predators are people a pack of wolves and other bears.

Other Facts

When Grizzlies are old there ears stand down. Grizzlies are very good climbers and swimmers.