Haida Legend
How Wolf Learned to Howl

When Grandpa set camp and before his grandchildren went to bed, a wolf howled.
Then grandpa said “Let me tell you how wolf learned to howl.”
He told this legend.
“Long,long ago Wolf saw the beautiful full moon. The next morning Raven saw Wolf sad and droopy.
Raven called to wolf, “Wolf why are you sad and droopy?”
Wolf said “Raven, I wanted to say something or anything to the full moon,”
“Why don't you howl at the full moon?” asked Raven.
Then wolf said “I can't howl to the full moon because I don't know how to howl.”
Raven transformed into a wolf and showed Wolf how to howl.
The next full moon Wolf tried and tried and tried to howl. He tried for two weeks .
Later he asked Raven again “How do you howl?”
Raven showed him one more time then flew away.
Wolf tried to howl at the next full moon. Then he heard a howl. It was him.
The next morning Wolf thanked Raven.
“So that's how wolf learned to howl,” said Grandpa.
Grandpa put out the fire and everyone went to bed.