Haida Legend
How The Coyote Saved Skidegate

One day long ago in the little town of Skidegate there was a coyote. Coyote was in the woods when he saw an evil spirit who had lost his old hat and threatened to take the town of Skidegate and make the people slaves. Coyote ran back to the village to tell the chief.
The chief said "Coyote go to the ocean at the end of the forest and you will see something you have never seen before and you will do something no coyote has ever done."
Before Coyote left he asked the chief “What will I do?"
The chief replied “I must not tell you, now go.”
So Coyote skittered off. That night Coyote couldn't sleep because all he could think of was what he would have to do.
Finally it was morning. Coyote woke up and went to the forest . Coyote kept going to the end of the forest but nothing was there. On his fifth try there was a path that led to the ocean. Coyote followed the path . When he got to the ocean he saw land in the middle of the ocean.
No coyote knew how to swim but Coyote felt brave so he jumped in the water and swam out to the land. It ended up it wasn't land, it was the spirit's hat. At that moment the hat shrank to normal size,
so Coyote brought the hat to the spirit. When Coyote got to him, the spirit said "You are lucky Coyote you only had one hour left to save Skidegate."

That's how Coyote saved Skidegate.