Haida Legend
How Wolf Learned To Hunt

One night Grandfather and the children gathered around the fire.
Grandfather said “Tonight I am going to tell you the legend of how Wolf learned to hunt.”
One day in a far away village there lived a Wolf .
There was a problem however because Wolf didn't like to eat anything except berries. He didn't even like eating meat.
Today was the first day of winter Wolf went out to pick some berries, He could not find them, Wolf started digging, but when he found the berries they were frozen solid. Wolf went back to Raven to complain.
Raven said he was sorry about the berries, but there was nothing he could do,that was the way winter was. That night Raven couldn't sleep because he felt sorry for Wolf so Raven went to the Spirit of the Forest. Raven told all about what had happened with Wolf.
The wise old Spirit suggested that Raven teach Wolf how to hunt. Raven thanked the Spirit of the Forest and left to start training Wolf.
The next day Wolf and Raven started training It wasn't going too well at first but once Wolf figured it out he had a storage of meat. He didn't know what this meat was for. So Wolf decided to ask Raven what it was for. Raven answered that it was for him to eat. Wolf still didn't understand, why would he want to eat food that came from animals? Raven explained to Wolf that it was the way life was. Wolf did understand now why he had to eat meat because it was the way of life and because he would die if he didn't.

"And that is the end of my story so time for bed."

' But we don't want to go to bed."

" Well that's not your cause now is it ?"

" No Grandfather."

" Well then good night."