Haida Legend
How Dolphin Reached the Surface

One evening Grandpa told his grandchildren a story about how Dolphin reached the surface.
Dolphin was watching his brothers and sisters swimming up to the surface of the sea and back down. He tried swimming up. He went halfway when he looked down and was so scared that he just closed his eyes and swam straight down. His brothers and sisters started to giggle. Their parents told all the kids to go to bed.
While Dolphin was in bed, he could hear a little voice
say “If you have one wish, what would it be?”
Dolphin said “I wish I was brave enough to swim to the surface by myself.”
Then Dolphin fell asleep. The next day Dolphin woke up and remembered the voice that gave him a wish.
Dolphin tried swimming up. He closed his eyes and swam up. When his head reached the top he looked under the water and said “It's not scary at all, I don't know why I was scared yesterday.”
His family came and saw Dolphin and his brothers
and sisters were happy. They all played games swimming
up and down.