How Salmon Learned To Swim

One day Sammy the salmon was listening to a story Grandfather was telling. It was about how salmon learned to swim.
Sammy always wanted to know how salmon learned to swim.
Grandfather began his story.
There was once a salmon. He wanted to to swim just like all the other fish. He tried but his dad had to come save him from drowning. In his dreams he would wish that the Haida spirit would give him one little wish that would come true. He would wish to swim, but he knew it would not come true.
“He was a good salmon, just like you Sammy and he played lots,” said Grandfather.
In anther dream salmon played with the son of the Haida spirit.
One day the Haida spirit was looking at Salmon and he finally wanted to give him his wish.
So he flew down and asked salmon “ If I was to give you one wish Salmon, what would it be?”
Salmon said “I always wanted to swim like all the other fish.”
The Haida spirit granted Salmon his wish.
“And that is how salmon learned to swim Sammy,” said Grandfather.