Haida Legend
The Seal Who Couldn't Swim

It was a dark and cold night and in the middle of winter and the children gathered around the fire Grandmother had made. It was time for storytelling. No one knew that up above,on top of the house, Raven was listening, as he did every night. Grandmother started to tell a story and as she did, Raven imagined himself soaring above the whole story.
One day long ago, the seals were splashing around having a fun time, but one seal stayed in the shallow water. Seal could not swim and Raven felt sorry for poor Seal. One large and spotted seal noticed Seal, but when he found out that Seal couldn't swim he told all the others and they all laughed at her.
After the others were gone the sea spirit came. The sea spirit gave Seal any wish she wanted. Seal wished that she could swim for a day and then Seal was swimming! Seal had forgotten she only had one day to swim and the next day she was still able to swim because she had learned how to swim.
So Seal decided to tell the other seals how she learned to swim. Then they respected Seal and didn't laugh at her anymore.