Haida Legends 99' Feedback
Welcome to the Haida Legends 1999 Page. All of these legends were written and illustrated by Grade 4 students at Selkirk Elementary. Students created these web pages with AppleWorks 5. We hope you enjoy reading the legends as much as we enjoyed creating them.

Gerald Swanson
Hometown: Portland, OR, USA
School: Portland State Universty
Grade: Universty Student
Sent: Friday, November 3, 2000 4:59 AM
I would just like to say "great job" on the Haida legends project. I hope another one is planned for the 4th grade class of this year and the next! I am saying this because when I was taught about the history of Native Americans (I was in fourth grade 7 years ago), the sudies were biased against the People. We only learned about how they helped the pilgrims (the pilgrims being the true "fathers of the nation", me being from the United States)) and how they gave trouble to the pioneers of the West. It pleases me to see that the school systems have taken giant steps in teaching about the people whose land we now live on. Thanks! Keep up the good work! Gerald Swanson, Portland State Universty Student found: web search for elementarty schools and native americans