Project Reflection

by Chase and Melinda, Grade 3

Summary of project:

"We decided to do a spider report. We chose the spiders that we really wanted to do. We did a draft copy on our pieces of paper then we did a good copy. Once we were done our good copy, we did it on the computer. "

What obstacles did you have to overcome to complete your project?

"Yes, I had some troubles, because I'm just in grade three and I find writing really hard because I get bored. At first I didn't look in the dictionary because I thought I would be having a really fun time doing the report, but it was a lot of work. "
- Melinda

"I know Chase was doing great because I could see he was having a lot of fun. You should have seen my first paper... I had tons of things wrong."

"I had a little trouble, but most of it I got right."

What information technology tools did you use in creating your website?

"I learned that I have to leave a space after a comma. I never knew that before."

"We learned to use the server to save our files. We learned about printing. I learned that we can use a scanner to get a picture into the computer. I like how AppleWorks will check your words for spelling, but sometimes it doesn't get all the words that are mistakes and you to look for them and erase them and then write again."

How did you connect with your community?

"I think other people are going to read about our spiders because they will know we did a lot of work to write them all and our fingers will be all tired out. I think there are other classes studying spiders and if they wanted to know more about them, they could look at ours."

What would you do differently if you were to do the project again?

"I would do another kind of spider. I'd like to do a tarantula."
- Chase

"I don't know what spider I would do, but I would do my spider report very differently. I would probably do a black widow, If I'm like a teacher when I'm older."
- Melinda

What recommendations would you give other students and teachers wanting to run a project like this?

"What does recommendation mean? I would tell them to put your mind and fingers into the project."

Some student thoughts:

"I liked drawing the spiders and learning how to scan them and then print them off. We also made neat napkins with Miss Williams."
- Chase

"My best part was when I got to write it down on the computer because it was really fun. I didn't think I would have as much fun in another class since Miss Williams thinks of really good ideas."
- Melinda

By Chase and Melinda, Grade 3