Spider Report Process:

  1. Choose spider topic.
  2. Brainstorm what we know, what we learned, and what we still need to know.
  3. Library research (using reference material, catalogues, computer, etc.)
  4. Categorize our reading.
  5. Select subheadings: habitat, physical description, the young, food, enemies, and other interesting facts.
  6. Collected materials and skimmed for facts.
  7. Take notes in our own words.
  8. Organize our information on colour-coded strips of paper.
  9. Cut strips of paper and sequence information into logical order.
  10. Paste strips on colour-coded paper.
  11. Write first draft using full sentences.
  12. Edit and proofread draft.
  13. Type draft onto computer.
  14. Illustrate spiders.
  15. Learn how to scan and save images.
  16. Import images into AppleWorks documents.
  17. Final copy.
  18. Export final copy as a web page.

Objectives for Student Learning:

These reports on various spiders were researched, written and illustrated completely by grade three students. Students spent a long time learning to use reference materials in the library, how to find information and how to synthesize it. Each student chose their own spider and using a report template provided by their teacher, Ms. Williams. Students then created their projects using gradual steps such as collection of facts, writing them into sentences, arranging the sentence strips in order, then creating paragraphs. Once the final edits for their written work were done, then students learned to use AppleWorks and its associated word processing tools such as using spaces, tab, alignment, changing size and font, and finally how to use the spell checker. A group of students then learned how to use the scanner and then that group taught the remainder of the class. Many of the illustrations has to be re-coloured since the colours were too faint. All students learned how to import their graphics into their document, how to name and save it, and finally how to export it into a web page. Students are very excited about seeing their work on the Internet and want their facilely and students around the world to be able to see it. This was Mrs. Williams' first Internet project. She has done this unit previously as a book, but she found while publishing on the web was a lot more work, it also made it more exciting. She is also glad to be able to contribute some teaching resources to other teachers and to further share the learning process with parents.

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