Wolf Spider

Grade 3W
January, 2000

What is hairy, hunts, but is not a wolf?


The Wolf Spider can be found in South America, North America, Mexico and Africa. This spider does not spin a web. It can be found in sandy places, caves, under rocks, long grass, trash and houses. This spider lives underground

Physical Description

The Wolf Spider can be brown and gray in color. Wolf Spiders have 2 parts, 8 eyes, and 8 legs. This spider is longer than other spiders.

The Young

The female lays her eggs underground. The eggs are laid in a silk case. The female can have up to 60 babies. All babies hatch from eggs. The female Wolf Spider carries her babies on her back. All babies are called spiderlings.


The Wolf Spider hunts for insects and other spiders. This spider leaps out and catches its prey.


The Wolf Spider’s enemies are people, snakes, cats, dogs, other spiders and wasps.