Trapdoor Spider

Grade 3W
January, 2000

What digs a hole, but is not a mole and has a door?


The Trapdoor spider lives in a burrow. The Trapdoor can be found in North America, California, South America, South Asia, Japan, and warm parts. It stays underground most of the time. The door fits tight on the top of the underground tunnel. The door is lined with silk on the sides of it.

Physical Description

The Trapdoor spider is heavy and it is brown in color. The Trapdoor has 2 body parts, 4 eyes, and 8 legs. It has bad eye sight and sharp fangs. The spider is 9 mm long. They live to 1 to 2 years old.

The Young

The females lay the eggs in a burrow. Babies hatch from eggs and they are called spiderlings.


This spider eats insects, other spiders, ants, beetles, grasshoppers, lizards and bees. It also eats birds, fish, daddy long legs, snakes, frogs, and mice.


The Trapdoor spider’s enemies are scorpions, wasps, other spiders and people!

Other Interesting Facts

There are 37,000 species of different spiders and only a few are dangerous.