Trapdoor Spider

Grade 3W
January, 2000

What has an underground tunnel?


The Trapdoor spider can be found in Asia, Africa, California, Europe, Japan, North and South America. It lives in a burrow and its door is lined with silk. The spider spends most of its time underground.

Physical Description

The Trapdoor spider has a heavy body. It has two body parts and is 9 cm long and it is 2.5 mm wide. This spider is brown in color.

The Young

The spider can live 1-2 years. The females lays eggs. The females lay eggs in burrows. Babies hatch in their burrows. The spiderlings are born in the burrows.


This spider eats daddy-long-legs, grasshoppers, ants, beetles, bees, ladybugs, lizards, snakes, birds, mice, fish and also they eat other spiders, too.


The Trapdoor’s enemies are wasps, scorpions, people and other spiders.

Other Interesting Facts

There are 37,000 different species, but only a few are dangerous.