Grade 3W
January, 2000

What is hairy and size of a person’s hand?



The Tarantula spider can be found in North America, South Asia, Africa,
Europe and Australia. The Tarantula does not spin webs, but it hunts for food instead. It lives in a burrow and lines it’s burrow with silk underground, rocks, damp places, grass, in dirt and under trees.

Physical Description

The Tarantula is large and hairy. They are as big as the size of a of a woman’s hand. This spider is 1-2 cm long.

The Young

The female spider lays eggs. The babies hatch from the eggs.


The Tarantula eats lady bugs, other spiders, frogs, birds and Tarantulas. It also eats mice, flies, bees and beetles. It eats ants, mites, butterflies, baby scorpions and grasshoppers, too.


The Tarantula has enemies like wasps, other spiders, people and scorpions. Some Tarantulas are dangerous and few are nice.

Other Interesting Facts

Only a few spiders are dangerous. There are 37 000 different species of spiders.