Trapdoor Spider

Grade 3W
January, 2000

What lives underground and has its own door?


The Trapdoor spider can be found in such as warm parts such as South America, North America, California, Australia, Japan, Europe, Southeast Asia, Africa and other hot zones. This spider lives underground in a burrow with a tight fitting door. The door is lined with slit.

Physical Description

The Trapdoor is heavy and light dark brown in color. It has two body parts, 8 legs and 4 eyes, but it has bad eyesight. It has fangs and it is 2.5 cm long.

The Young

The females lay eggs. These spiders live for 1-2 years.


The Trapdoor likes a lot of different foods and they are insects, beetles, ants, snakes, mice, lizards, birds, frogs and fish.


The Trapdoor’s worst enemies are the scorpion, wasps, people and other spiders.

Other Interesting Facts

Only a few spiders are dangerous. There are 37 000 different species of spiders.