Wolf Spider

Grade 3W
January, 2000

What is hairy, but does not howl?



The Wolf spider can be found in North America, U.S.A., Mexico, South America and Africa. This spider has no web. Wolf spiders live in long grass, damp trash, logs, under stones and under rocks. They can also be found in wood and sandy places. The Wolf spider also lives in people’s house, like dark, damp basements.

Physical Description

The color of the Wolf spiders are brown and gray. Wolf spiders have 8 eyes and 2 body parts. They have 8 legs that are long. The Wolf spider is 3.8 cm long and 13 mm wide. The Wolf spider can live from 1-2 years.

The Young

The females lay the eggs. The eggs are laid in a egg case. The babies hatch from eggs. The female Wolf spider can have 1-60 babies. The female spider carries the spiderlings on her back. The baby spiders are called spiderlings. Wolf spiderlings climb on their mothers’ back.


Wolf spiders eat insects and other spiders. It hunts for food at night. It hunts for its prey and it races fast after them. It leaps out to catch their prey.


The Wolf spider‘s enemies are people, snakes, bears, cats,dogs, horses, other spider and wasps.

Other Interesting Facts

There is about 37,00 different species of spiders in the world, but only a few are deadly.