Black Widow Spider

Grade 3W
January, 2000

What has a red Z on its body and is black?


The Black Widow spider lives in British Columbia, Alberta,Saskatchewan, Southern Canada, Southern Ontario, Southern United States, and the tropics. It also lives in moist places, old dark buildings, and also in stacks of wood.

Physical Description

The Black Widow spider is shy and its red and black with a red Z under its stomach. The Northern Black Widow spider has some red spots. There are other spiders that red and yellow. Also, there is another spider that is red, brown, and gray. The Black Widow has fangs and eight eyes. The female’s body is only 1.4 cm long. The American Black Widow spider is about 12 to 16 mm long. One spider is about 1.2 cm long. The male is about 0.5 cm long. The females are larger than the male. The male is smaller than female.

The Young

The female lays the eggs. All spiders hatch from eggs.


The Black Widow eats ants, bees, baby spiders, bugs, butterflies, male spiders, eggs sacs, flies, flying insects, grass hoppers, small animals, other spiders, and other baby spiders.


The Black Widow spider ‘s enemies are other spiders and wasps. People are dangerous to the Black Widow spider.

Other Interesting Facts

This spider is one of the most poisonous of all. Only a few species are dangerous. There are about 37,000 different species of spider in the world.