Black Widow

Grade 3W
January, 2000

What has a clock, but isn’t a clock?


The Black Widow spider lives in Alberta, British Columbia, Southern Ontario, and the tropics. It usually lives outside near corners, in barns, sheds, old moist places, and old dark places.

Physical Description

The Black Widow is shy. It is 1.3 cm long. The Black Widow is no threat to men. Male Black Widows are smaller then the females . The Black Widow has a red markings on its tummy. The Black Widow has eight eyes. This spider makes a messy web. Some Black Widows are 1.2 cm wide. The male’s color is reddish, brown and gray.

The Young

The baby spiders are called spiderlings. The females lay eggs. All spiders hatch from eggs.


Black Widows eat their egg sacks. The females eat the males. They eat flying things, too. Black Widow eat butterflies and they eat bugs and grasshopper, They also eat other spider too. It also eats files, bees, moths, and small animals, They eat each other, too.


People and wasps, are their enemies. Only a few are dangerous. There are 37,000 different kinds of spiders.

Other Interesting Facts

The Black Widow is one of the most dangerous spiders.