Chief Zzeh Gittlit School is the furthest north of Yukon schools. It is located in Old Crow, which is the only fly-in community in the Yukon. Old Crow is located north of the Arctic Circle on the bank of the Porcupine River near the junction of the Old Crow River and the Porcupine.

Old Crow is the home of the Vuntut Gwich’in. The community is rich in culture and traditional ways. Culture is a very important part of the education of the children of Old Crow. All students study Gwich’in, and take part in cultural activities. Traditional cooking, sewing, beading, working with furs, and making traditional tools and items are part of the cultural activities that are on going. Elders visit the school to tell stories, cook with the children and assist with other activities. All students will have time on the land.

Push-Up Press - Issue 2, 2011 Spring Culture Camp

Building upon the successes of last year's camp, the 2011 version of the students' Culture Camp was a highly engaging and memorable learning experience. The Vuntut Gwitchin Government (VGG) Education Department once again invited and encouraged the participation of the entire staff of Chief Zzeh Gittlit School (CZGS) in the delivery of the Culture Camp. We were honoured to be involved in such a partnership. Old Crow's students get to develop their Gwich'in language, culture, and traditional land-based skills while also achieving territorial learning outcomes. Such a rich learning experience is only possible through the shared vision and tremendous community partnerships that have been strengthened over the past two years of this camp. I encourage you to read through the following pages to get a taste of the camp experience through the eyes of the future leaders of Old Crow.

Mahsi' Choo,

Steve Climie

Grade 7-8-9 Gwich'in Life and Culture Movies

Gwich'in Life and Culture videos created by our grade 7-8-9 class in collaboration with the National Film Board of Canada.
Thank you to National Film Board film makers for generously allowing us to post these videos on our school website.


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January 24 - Non-Instructional Day
February 21 - Heritage Day
March 17-21 Spring Break
April 18 - Good Friday
April 21 - Easter Monday
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