At Christ the King Elementary School, we believe that school is an important part of a growing child’s life. We want children to be happy, to be challenged, to develop their potential for learning, to do their best work, and to feel a sense of achievement. We also want children to be respectful and to accept responsibility for their own learning and behaviour. This can only be accomplished when all of us work together for the sake of our children.

The school is a partner with parents/guardians in the education of children. We share the responsibility of providing the best educational opportunities for our students. Our challenge is to help students become life-long learners. We do this by creating a learning environment where respect and understanding, security and risk-taking, and responsibility and reaching out are important values. We believe that each child is unique and special. The values we teach are based on a Catholic philosophy of education. We promote a strong personal relationship with God and respect for the dignity and innate goodness of every person.



Important Dates
November 8 - CKES Craft Fair
November 11 - Remembrance Day
November 14 & 15 - Volleyball Tournament
November 20 - Report Cards Go Home
December 2 & 9 - Posada
December 18 - Christmas Celebration
What's New
School Supply List - Grade 1-4
School Supply List - Grade 5-7
2014-2015 School Calendar Synopsis
Celebrate Service Learning 2011-2012
Primary Choir Rotary Music Festival Performance
Intermediate Choir Rotary Music Festival Performance
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