Yukon Schools

Community Schools

The intimacy of small town life gives teachers valuable insights and perspectives about the children they teach, their families and their community.


Chief Zzeh Gittlit School K-9
Chief Zzeh Gittlit Website
Email: chiefgittlit

Del Van Gorder School K-12
Del Van Gorder School Website
Email: dvgs

Eliza Van Bibber School K-12
Eliza Van Bibber School Website
Email: evbs

Ghùch Tlâ Community School K-9
Ghùch Tlâ Community School Website
Email: carcross

Johnson Elementary School K-7
Johnson Elementary School Website
Email: johnson

J.V. Clark School K-12
J.V. Clark School Website
Email: jvclark

Kluane Lake School K-8
Kluane Lake School Website
Email: kluane

Nelnah Bessie John School K-9
Nelnah Bessie John School Website
Email: nbessiejohn

Robert Service School K-12
Robert Service School Website
Email: robertservice

Ross River School K-10
Ross River School Website
Email: rossriver

St. Elias Community School K-12
St. Elias Community School Website

Tantalus Community School K-12
Tantalus Community School Website

Teslin Community School K-9
Teslin Community School Website
Email: teslin

Watson Lake Secondary School 8-12
Watson Lake Secondary School Website


Yukon Education Student Network

The Yukon Education Student Network is the central portal for all Yukon school websites, curriculum links and educational resources. Information & resources for First Nations, our First Class Communication System, Digital Literacy, the Yukon Student Information System (YSIS) and the Yukon School Athletic Association are all are available on YESNet.