School Mission

The mission of F. H. Collins Secondary School is to provide an atmosphere in which students strive to reach their potential and develop a lifelong interest in learning through the involvement of students, educators, parents and the communty.

F.H. Collins is unique given our recognized courses and quality programs such as: French Immersion, Teen Parent Centre, and the specialized experiential programs offered at the Wood Street Centre. Our school also has Shared Resource classes, and a diverse array of courses in academics, trades, and even offering aviation.

The staff and students find great pride in their accomplishments and achieving their personal goals. This is a school that has an impressive past and is working together as a community to ensure success in the future.

Please explore the school’s web site and meet the students and staff that make this school such an enjoyable learning community.

Important Dates
September 10 - Welcome Feast
September 23 - Challenge Day
October 2 & 3 - YTA Conference
October 13 - Thanksgiving
October 16 - Awards Night
October 23 - Three Way Conference 5:00-7:00pm
October 24 - Three Way Conference School Closed
November 11 - Remembrance Day
Sports School / Application
Cool Tools
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Current Topics
Department of Education Draft Strategic Plan 2010-2015
Yearly Calendar
2014-2015 Yearly Calendar
Labor Omnia Vincit

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