At Hidden Valley Elementary we believe –
In valuing and respecting the uniqueness and rights of every individual.
That, as members of the Global Community, we have the responsibility to respect, understand and nurture the physical and human environment.
That education is the responsibility of the community.
That learning is a lifelong process in which everyone is both teacher and learner.
That everyone has valuable individual strengths and abilities.
That individuality and cooperation promote personal and social well-being and contribute to a healthy community.
That being responsive to social, cultural, spiritual, emotional, intellectual, aesthetic, and physical needs fosters the development of the whole child.
In integrating what is valuable from the past with what is relevant in the present, as we develop and apply the attitudes, skills and creative strategies needed to adapt to a rapidly changing world.
We are a community of learners.

Important Dates
June 3-6 - Spring Camp Grade 6/7
June 5 - Gr. 1/2—Kids on the Farm
June 6 - Rotary Park/Robert Service Campground
June 9 - Whole School Swim
June 9 - Gade 7 Graduation Luncheon
June 10 - Awards Assembly & Gade 7 Graduation
August 25 - First Day Back to School
What's New at Hidden Valley
The Bison Unit 2014
Parade Report - May 6, 2014
Intensive French Newsletter Gr. 4/5
Learning Together
Recognition of Good Work
April 8, 2014
School Hours
2013-2014 School Calendar Synopsis
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