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Our mission is to educate children in a Catholic learning environment. Through the sharing of knowledge and Christian values and by celebrating our Catholic faith, students are assisted in developing a personal faith and an understanding and appreciation of self and others.

Each child has the opportunity to strive for academic excellence and to reach his or her potential as a life-long learner.

The uniqueness of each child is celebrated.

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Upcoming Events
November 1 - Volleyball Game #4/School Council Meeting
November 4 - Gr 7 swim, 1:00-1:45
November 5 -Remembrance Day /Peace Celebration, 2:00pm
November 10 - Volleyball Game #5
November 14-15 -Elementary Schools Volleyball Tournament, Canada Games Centre
November 21 - Gr 1,2,3,5 swim, 9:45-10:30
November 27 -Science Fair—School-Based
November 28 - ReportCcards Go Home/Pizza Lunch
November 30 -Youth Mass, Sacred Heart Cathedral, 11:30 am
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Newsletter - November 2014
2014-2015 School Calendar Synopsis

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