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Lockdown Procedures

PCSS Lockdown Information and Procedures -  November 2014

Preparation and Student Education of a Lockdown:

Teachers please start preparing your students for a lockdown drill. Do not disclose the date and time for our drill but please go over the following information with your students in 1st block at least twice prior to the drill date:

•  Upon hearing “lockdown, lockdown, lockdown” over the PA, students are to remain in their classrooms and follow teacher instructions quickly and quietly.

•  Students outside of classrooms need to try and get into a classroom or somewhere safe, within an enclosed space where they cannot be seen, as soon as they hear “lockdown, lockdown, lockdown” over the PA.

•  Students in a bathroom need to get out of the bathroom immediately upon hearing a lockdown announcement, and get to the nearest classroom.

•  In the event that students/staff do not feel safe to come out of the bathroom, try to block the bathroom door, enter a stall, lock the door and climb on top of the toilet, stay silent.

•  Students and/or classes outside the school must NOT enter the school and shall go directly to Jack Hulland School and contact PCSS by telephone to let the office know where they are.

•  In the event that the fire alarm is pulled once a lockdown has been called, staff and students shall not respond and shall remain in lockdown. Staff and students must always be aware of other dangers, such as fire, and be prepared to respond accordingly in order to ensure their own safety.

•  All students and staff must remain silent and out of site until they hear “all clear, all clear, all clear” over the PA.

Teacher Action:

It is recommended that, before locking a door, staff should gather everyone in the immediate vicinity into their classroom or other secure area, but only if it is safe to do so. Once inside a secure area, staff and students should:

•  Stay away from doors and windows;

•  Turn off lights;

•  Close blinds;

•  Beware of sight lines;

•  If there is a window in the classroom door, consider covering it;

•  Take cover if available (get behind something solid);

•  Remain absolutely quiet;

•  Teachers to take attendance;

•  No cell phone use unless necessary to communicate regarding the incident. Student cell phones, IPODS, IPADS, need to be turned off, absolutely no use.

Our goal is to make the classroom appear vacant.