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School Growth Process

PCSS School Growth Process:

The purpose of the school growth process is to improve the life chances of each learner at each school in Yukon. The school growth process has three parts, annual school growth planning, evidence-based conversations at each school throughout the year and school reviews conducted with each school and its community every three years. The school growth process is based on the expectation that staff, school councils, parents, the First Nations community, Elders, and students will work together to make plans, determine appropriate actions, and monitor progress to achieve improved results for all Yukon students.

School Reviews

PCSS will be undergoing the School Review Process March 11, 12 and 13th, 2014

School reviews are a critical element of the Department’s School Growth Process, supporting a system focused on improving the life chances of each Yukon learner. Generally, School Reviews are conducted at each school every three years.

School reviews are founded on the principles of collaboration, inquiry–based conversation, and the use of evidence to inform decisions and actions in order to improve outcomes for all Yukon students.

A School Review provides observations and recommendations to the school, the Department of Education and the public regarding efforts at the school to improve student outcomes. Schools respond to the recommendations from the school review team through the school growth process and school growth plans in the years following the reviews.



icon 2011-2012 PCSS School Review

icon School Growth Plan 2013 (189.85 kB)

icon 2013-2014 School Review Guide (191 kB)

icon School Growth Plan April 2015 -  16

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