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SASE: Socials and Science Experiential


 SASE 9 is a one semester integrated experiential program of study. Students earn credit for the following courses: Social Studies 9, Science 9, Outdoor Education/Field Studies 9, Physical Education 9. During the alternate semester of the Grade 9 year, students take the following courses: Second Language 9, Math 9, English 9, Option.

        The program is designed to challenge students academically, physically, and personally. Particular emphasis is placed on character development through challenge and diversity of experience. Students are exposed to a wide variety of outdoor activities and professionals in a diversity of fields. Positive mentoring, “big picture” connections, and stewardship are focusses of this program as students develop character and personal strength through challenge and experience. Active living and positive life skills are emphasized as students gain a heightened awareness of nutrition, health, and fitness choices.

        Due to the nature of the program, time devoted each day to a particular subject area will vary and we will seldom follow the regular PCSS bell schedule. Some trips will take place on weekends. Students must be flexible and willing to work hard in a variety of learning structures. There will be at least 5 extended outdoor pursuits trips over the course of the semester. These trips will range from 2 to 8 days in length.                  

    Students will require a certain amount of personal gear for outdoor pursuits activities (a list is attached). The cost of the program to students is $300. This fee covers a variety of activities including a certifying first aid course, a 2 month membership at the Canada Games Center, ski passes, transportation to activity sites, as well as offsetting the cost of hiring certified assistant leaders for extended out-trips. This is a very very busy semester and a great deal is expected of the students in order to deliver the highest possible quality of program to them. As such, students must be organized and responsible in their trip preparation and classroom learning duties. Disorganization or irresponsibility on the part of the student in SASE can lead to them being overwhelmed and discouraged in this demanding program.