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Next School Council Meeting: 

March 14 2018, 6:30 PM in the PCSS Library

Everyone welcome.

School Council Vision, Values and Ground Rules


The Porter Creek Secondary School Council, through a recognition of representing and answering to a multi-cultural community, are committed to respectfully promoting an open platform for communication in consideration of all voices and groups within the school and community while ensuring that the student’s best interests remain the guiding principle.



  • Respect others and their opinions
  • Community involvement
  • Teamwork approach
  • Working with other groups and organizations in the school and community cooperatively
  • Focused and effective approach
  • Honest and open communication with students, staff, parents and the community


Ground Rules

  • Be on time and if you have to arrive late, don’t be disruptive when you join the meeting
  • Aim to stay on track, avoid tangents and monopolizing the conversation
  • Quorum is a majority: 5 of out a council of 8
  • Chair only votes if a tiebreaker is required
  • Attendance: council members will let another council member know if they are unable to attend. Let members know at the beginning of the meeting if you have to leave early.
  • Respectful and active listing in all communication
  • Meetings are not to exceed 3 hours, at which point remaining agenda items will be tabled at the next meeting or in a separate meeting.
  • Delegates will be given 10 minutes for presentations
  • Council members will remain conscientious of their sworn Confidentiality Oaths.
  • Resolutions to be recorded on separate forms as well as documented in minutes
  • Cell phones are to be on vibrate during any meetings
  • Have fun!