Canadian Ground Troops in the Second World War

This project is about the combat of ground troops in the Second World War.

Canadian Weapons

The rifle shown below is a Bren light machine gun. It was Czech designed weapon which was then adopted by the British army in the late 1930's. The light machine gun was magazine fed and could fire about five-hundred rounds a minute. It was known especially for its reliability and accuracy. A Bren light machine gun could be the difference in an intense battle.

This Thompson .45 caliber machine gun was the military version of the popular 20's fovorite of gangster's and other lowlife's.

The rifle shown below is the popular Lee-Enfeild .303 British. This type of gun was used extensively in the first world war, and was used in the second, but not as much, and proved to be a very reliable weapon. Many of these guns were later converted and are still popular for hunting today.

The pistol shown below was a popular sidearm for the canadian and American troops in the second world war. Most officers and many soldiers carried a handgun. In close combat a good pistol and quick reflexes could be the difference between life and death.

This bayonet was often affixed to the riffles. Although bayonet fighting was not as popular in the second world war, ocasionally it would have been useful.

This is a winchester Model 12 pump action 12 guage. It was fitted with a bayonet, and could hold 6 shells. The Canadians who carried these were feared by the Germans because of it's devastating close-range power.

Sherman tank used by canada in world war 2.