Haida Legends 
Welcome to the Haida Legends Page. All of these legends were written and illustrated by Grade 4 students at Selkirk Elementary. Students created these web pages with Netscape Composer. We hope you enjoy reading the legends as much as we enjoyed creating them.
You can also visit our school website at http://www.yesnet.yk.ca/schools/
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How Bald Eagle Got Its Name 
How The Black Bear Turned Black  
How Eagle Got A Bent Beak  
How Cougar Stayed His Color  
The Colorful Eagle  
How Raven Got It's Color  
How The Deer Learned To Swim  
How The Deer Got His Spots  
How The Fox Taught The Haida How to Hunt  
The Cougar and the Foolish Boy  
How Dolphin Saved The Haida Children  
How The Grizzly Bear Got His Hump  
How Wolf Turned Grey  
How The Eagle Learned To Fly  
How the Fox Turned Orange  
How Cougar Became Smart  
Raven's Fight  
The Whale's Good Deed
How The Flying Squirrel Learned To Fly  
How Salmon Got His scales  
The Orange Fox and the Hunter  
How Beaver Got A Flat Tail