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Gibson, Micheal

Knights of the Middle Ages used all kinds of weapons; the main weapon used was the sword. Most of the swords used were thirty two inches long and weighed about two pounds. The handle of the sword was covered with satin or soft velvet and sometimes jewels were inlaid on the handle. Also the sword had a design on the blades and was held around the waist in a case. The sword hung on the left side of the knight. The knights also used a wide range of other weapons as seen above.

Training To Be A Knight

To become a knight, one had to be born into nobility; peasants and commoners could never become knights. Training for a knight began from birth really, with the father having his son doing duties around the house. At age seven, a noble's son was sent to the castle of his parent's lord where he would become a page or helper of knights until he was fourteen years old. In his early years, and while he was still growing he spent alot of time making his body strong. To train, a page would be shown how to use weapons, fight and learn to be brave. During his years as a page, the knight-to-be was also taught manners, religion, reading, some writing, and music. Also, he was taught by the ladies of the castle to be polite. A page had to work around the castle; he set the table, lit the candles, and served the meals.

At the age of fourteen, the knight-to-be would begin serious apprenticeship where he became a squire. A squire trained by fighting for hours every day. He learned how to use a lance while on a horse. A squire had many things to do; he woke the knight up every morning; helped him dress; served him dinner; took care of the horses and the stables; he took care of and cleaned the armor; and handed the knight his weapons. A squire also had to help his knight off the field if he got hurt, and sometimes he even got to go to a battle with the knight. The squire was paid to battle. When a squire reached the age of twenty, and if he passed all his training, he became a knight.

Making Armor


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