Questions to Claire Tixhon-Harris

1. What is the age of the oldest dog on your team?
Our oldest dog is Texas, he is eight years old. Our youngest dogs are three.

2. What are the dogs names?

Here is a list of the dogs that have been tentatively selected for Doug's team:to see more pictures of the dogs, click here.

3. What do the dogs eat on the trail?
Eagle Power Pack dog food, with lamb fat, and an additive called Peak Performance. They will also get some meat including fish, lamb, beef, horse and liver.

4. What is the name of your lead dog?
Fjord is the main lead dog, but she gets help from Texas, Brownie, and KC.

5. Which dogs are easier to handle the younger dogs or the older ones?
It really has very little to do with the dogs age. Their personality will determine whether or not they are easy to handle or difficult. Young dogs learn quickly what is expected of them when they are taken for a training run. Psycho, for example is four years old and a hard worker but when he is tired he gets grouchy and tries to pick a fight with another dog.

6. Is it difficult to train the dogs for the Quest?
It is not necessarily difficult, but it is very time consuming. For the last three months leading to the Quest, the preparation has been Doug's full time job. And we began training them in August.

7. How far can a dog run in a day?
The dogs will run, with intermitent breaks, about 120 miles (200 km) in a day. They will average about 10 miles/hour (16 km/hr).

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