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Featured this week...student poetry from Porter Creek Secondary School



I am abundant,
I am mighty enough to race,
The race of courage!
I yearn to run,

I adore the fierce command, "MUSH."
I glorify the feeling of the cold,
splintering winter on my face,
And the power of the musher at my back

I'm fond of the intense feeling of coming in first.
Beating the competition!
I run to live
And I live to run
The Quest!

Porter Creek Secondary School
Whitehorse, Yukon

I am the most
Dangerous, unpredictable, hazardous
Trail in the world.

I can blind you with one mighty glaze,
Of my snowy white figure

Mushers come from all over the world
To run upon me.

Even the most extreme breed of dog
Cannot always resist my punishment

If the team can withstand my wrath,
They are truly the best.

If you underestimate me,
I will eliminate the musher and his team.

So go ahead and try,
For I am the best,
I am the Yukon Quest.

Jordan and Derek
Porter Creek Secondary School, Whitehorse, Yukon

The Yukon Quest

I am the winter,
With a brightness that blinds you.
I am the snow,
That fill the vastness with white.
I am the silence,
That makes you tacit.
I am the stillness,
the moonlight, the mystery.
I am the land, where mountains reach the sky,
And deep blue lakes are found here and there.
Because of me;
Life and death hang by a hair.
I am a trail,
A treacherous trail,
You call me the Quest!
There's plenty of mushers and dogs,
Who try every year,
Floundering and stumbling.
Crying with the cold,
Crazed with fear and pain.
I'll stomp on the weakest once again!
Wild but narrow are my borders,
Stern as is the way I sway.
If I have my own way,
You will stagger blind through the storm,
Stumbling mad through the snow.
But under a midnight sky,
With the northern lights as a lantern,
I will whisper to you my secret.
Hear me well,
I am the Quest,
The mightest trail of all.
No one dare defy me,
For ye all know.
I'll raise my wrath
And sweep across your path.
till at last I have stomped you into an early grave.
It doesn't matter if you are a dissolute dog,
Or a painstaking person.
Cause I make it plain.
Only the strong shall thrive
and the fit survive.
To win that loot at the end!
For I am the Quest,
The toughest trail of all.

Porter Creek Secondary School
Whitehorse, Yukon

The Strength of Eight!

The wind lashes at my face.
People cheer and shout.
My team is ready.
We're off.
The next fourteen days could kill
My movement could jeopardize lives,
I push on and on...
Four hundred miles left.
We stop.
My lungs filled with icy cold Yukon air
the raw meat soothes my aching lungs.
My musher calls, "We're off!"
As we race down the trail,
We stop, my chest pounding,
My head racing with ideas.
How to get across the snowy river.
We start to turn back, I struggle,
Yearning to race and win.
We start to race.
We're almost there....
I can see the line....
I push harder
My legs weak, I know if I stop
They will pass us.
I lunge out at the finishing line
I drop from exhaustion
My eyes shut. I've won.
I would not let him give up.
That's why we're man's best friend!

Josh, Porter Creek School
Whitehorse, Yukon
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