Quest Student Prose

By Luca
Teslin School

My name is Leroy. I'm a husky dog. I'm going to be the leader of a pack of huskies in the Yukon Quest. I have been preparing and practising with my 8 sled dogs for the race. Last night I dreamed about winning the Yukon Quest with my master, Tony Mougot.

Tony Mougot is a nice man. My team is good and he treats us really humanely. He has the determination to win the race. I will help him win. I won't let him down. He needs the prize money. Tony would like to marry Julie Smith. Tony met her at another dog sled race called the Tour de Minto. She likes watching dog sled racing. They would like to get married in Alaska so we could also watch them get married. It would be exciting if we did.

My master's dad is also a musher. His name is John Mougot. John lived in the country and used his dog sled for transportation. He needed food from town and needed his dogs to survive on the land. With all this experience, John figured my team, with Tony driving was good enough to race in the Yukon quest. Tony grew up riding on the sled and helping his dad care for the dogs. Racing was in a man's blood you could say.

At the start of the race in Whitehorse there were people cheering for our team. We left the start in 17th position. It was -45C and Tony's beard was frosted. The first couple of days and nights on the trail were gloomy and cold and the team was exhausted. We really needed our rest. By the 7th day we arrived at Dawson City's checkpoint. The 36 hour mandatory layover was much needed and relaxing and by the 8th day everyone was ready to go.

On the 9th day we stayed at a trapper's cabin along the trail. The dim the light coming through the window was beautiful. It was peaceful and silent. Later that night it started to snow really hard. That was when I saw the wolves emerge from the dark forest. The wolves attacked the team. Some of the dogs had minor injuries but one of my close companion's leg was bitten very badly and had swollen so much that we had to drop him from the team. Our Yukon Quest team was down to 7 dogs. We past the finish in first place and Julie and Tony could afford to get married. What an adventure!

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