Yukon Quest Stories and Reading References

A Beginning List of Stories and References About Dogs and Dog Mushing

Anfousse, Ginette- Arthur's Problem Puppy

Blades, Ann- Mary of Mile 18

Chang, Cindy- Balto- A Junior Novelization
Cosgrove, Stephen- The Gnome from Nome

Fishback, Lee and Mel- Novice Sled Dog Training

Gaffin, Jane- The Adventures of Chuchi
Gardiner, John R. - Stone Fox
Gill, Shelley- North Country Christmas

London, Jack- Call of the Wild
London, Jack- White Fang

Mark, Lynette- A Dog for Keeps
Murphy, Jim- Call of the Wolves

Paulson, Gary- Dogteam
Pinkwater, Daniel- Aunt Lulu

Riddles, Libby- Danger the Dogyard Cat * audio cassette also available

Seibert, Patricia- Mush !
Sheilds, Mary- Can Dogs Talk?
Stephenson, Wendy- Randy Raven

Vaudrin, Bill- Racing Alaskan Sled Dogs

A Beginning List of Magazine Articles about Yukon Quest, Iditarod and Dog Mushing

Alaska Magazine-March 1992/March 1995

Canadian Geographic- February/ March 1990

Equinox- July/ August 1988

Paw Print News- all issues

Ranger Rick - January 1986

Team and Trail- all issues

* Yukon Quest, The Iditarod and various other organizations publish calendars

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