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Dr. Jim Kenyon
Yukon Quest Veterinarian

Dr. Jim Kenyon was raised in Boston, Massachusetts and attended veterinary school in Guelph Ontario.

After a trip to Yukon, Dr. Kenyon fell in love with the northern hospitality and began to travel regularly to the territory. While visiting Yukon, Dr. Kenyon lived and worked out of a small cabin 70 km south of Whitehorse. He provided veterinary services to the rural communities of Yukon, primarily in the Dawson area, often working out of his truck.

In 1991 he gave up his job as Director of Veterinary Services and Assistant Vice-President of Toronto General Hospital in Ontario and moved to Yukon to establish a full-time clinic.

Dr Kenyon continues to live his dream of providing veterinary services to kinds of northern animals and can often be found visiting musher's dog lots both in Whitehorse and the rural times arriving by dog team himself!

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