Yukon Quest Vocabulary

Brake: a metal piece with two or three prongs found on the sled. It is used for stopping the team.
Dog Box: A box on the back of a truck or trailer with several compartments used for transporting the dogs.
Dog Sled: A sled on runners pulled by a dog team.
Gee: The command made by a musher to get the dogs to turn right.
Handler: A person who helps a musher take care of the dogs.
Haw: The command made by the musher to get the dogs to turn left.
Hike, OK or Let's Go: The command made by the musher to go.
Holding Area: The staging area at the race site where dogs are staked out and hooked up for the running of the race.
Husky: A type of dog bred specifically for strength, endurance and cold climate survival; often used to pull a sled.
Ice Hook: A metal hook tied to the sled that holds the dogs while the driver is off the sled.
Mush: To go or travel over snow with a dog team and sled.
Musher: A person who drives a sled and dog(s) for fun or competition.
On By: The command to go straight past another team.
Pedaling or Kicking: When a driver keeps one foot on a runner and pushes with the other.
Purse: The total amount of prize money that is split between the winning mushers in the race.
Race Marshall: The person who makes sure the race is run according to the rules.
Stake Out Chain: A long chain attached to a steak that can be driven into the ground used to secure dogs while away from home.
Whoa: The command to stop.

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